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Team Members

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Personnel: Lab Members

Dr. Daryl Ewald Klein

Principal Investigator

Elaine Kupec

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Dr. Steve Stayrook

Director YCBI X-ray Lab

Pouyan Rahmani

YCBI Coordinator

Ian Walker

Lab Manager

Cell Specialist

Dr. Tongqing Li

Goup eX Team Leader

Dr. Yueyue Wang

Team Phage Leader

Joint PDF with Pusztai Lab

Postdoctoral Fellows

PDFs drive the research in the Klein Lab. They are the smartest and most energetic people you will ever meet.

Dr. Hengyi Li

Delta Team Leader

Joint PDF with Alarcon Lab

Ph.D. Candidate

Jianan Zhang

Graduate Students

Not only are Yalies the best, Klein Lab students are the cream of the crop.

College Campus

Olivia Belliveau

Undergraduate at Yale University

Lab Alumni
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